What to bring, What to do, what to expect

What to Wear:

The dress code for PMC is professional business attire — you should wear what a US Representative or Senator wears to work. Young men should wear collared shirt, jackets, and ties (no hats!). Young women should dress in suits, or blouses with pants or long skirts, or formal dresses.

There are two exceptions to the dress code. For the Congressional Ball, casual clothing is appropriate — this means jeans, tank tops, t-shirts, skirts, etc. — anything you can dance in comfortably! For Sunday, you may wear your PMC 2019 T-shirt with pants or a skirt.

Getting Your Bills Ready:

If you have edited your bill since its submission on November 7, make sure you have printed 20 copies to bring to the conference! Billbooks were printed starting on November 8, so your revised bill would not be included. The PMC Office Managers will do their best to help you get your bills ready, but they may not always be able to get to formatting and printing your bill on time at the conference.

Keeping Organized:

It's a good idea to bring your own folder or binder to keep your papers organized. Paper and pens will be provided for committee sessions, but it's good to bring your own pens and highlighters as well.

Keeping Up Your Energy:

There are plenty of places to go for lunch and dinner in and around the hotel, but remember that PMC days are long, so consider bringing snack for before and after sessions. A good debate needs energy!

Eating at the Conference:

Food is not provided by Princeton Model Congress. However, there are many restaurants, both inside and outside the hotel, where you can eat affordably. Our schedule allows adequate time for all meals.

What Not To Lose:

Do not lose your billbooks! We have a very limited number of extra billbooks for each committee and cannot guarantee replacements if they are lost or misplaced. Please keep your billbooks with you or in your room. Additionally, keep track of your name cards and placards because PMC will NOT print any more out after Check-in on the first day. We will give you blank cards on which you can handwrite your name if you misspelled your name or need a replacement.