Preparation Process

Distribute Committee Assignments

After registering and sending us the Delegation Confirmation Form and fee, we will send you a number of committee slots to be distributed among your students. Since PMC is divided into four separate congresses denoted by color, committee assignments will consist of a color (red, white, blue, or orange), a branch (House or Senate), and a committee. All committee assignments will be given out so that no school has two delegates in the same exact committee, and schools have an equal number in different types of committees. As soon as you know that a student will definitely be attending (even if this is in the spring), you will probably want to give him or her an assignment so that they can begin to research potential topics for his or her bill.

Research Relevant topics

To make PMC as realistic as possible, we provide online background papers on all of the committees, detailing the duties, powers, and current legislative debates of their real-life counterparts in Congress. Students must find a bill topic relevant to their committee. While modeling their bills after real Congressional legislation is often effective and interesting, students are encouraged to carefully examine the real bills and improve on them as they see fit. Links for further research are also available.

Draft Legislation

Once they have bill topics, students can begin to write their bills. A sample bill is available for students to study. There is also an online bill template form to download, print, and photocopy. Bills need to be typed onto these forms; handwritten bills will not be accepted. All delegate legislation must be in our hands by Wednesday, October 24th.

Learn Parliamentary Procedure

While they are crafting their own legislation, students also need to learn the proper way in which to debate it. The rules are available to assist you in this endeavor. Students well versed in procedure will be vastly better prepared for the conference.

The Conference

All of the bills submitted on time will be included in the billbook, which each student will receive upon arriving in Washington. There is a different billbook for each committee. If students make major revisions to their legislation, they are encouraged to bring 20 copies of the updated bill with them to the conference for their fellow committee members. PMC takes place over six three-hour sessions; students will be in their committee for three sessions and in their respective House or Senate for the other three. Committee chairs (Princeton students) will set a docket in advance, allotting time for each bill so that all legislation is debated in committee, where it is either passed or failed. Passed legislation moves to the full House or Senate session, where it is debated again. It is then sent to PMC’s President (elected at the start of the conference); vetoes, of course, can be overridden with a 2/3 majority.