Our Mission Statement

The mission of PMC is to educate students in the workings of our government and to encourage their active involvement in the democratic process. To this end, we have developed a structure in which students from across the country can gather in the nation’s capital to discuss the pressing issues of the day. Serving as delegates to our conference, students compose bills according to their interests, and Princeton students chair committees and full House and Senate sessions in which the students debate their legislation. We strive to make the conference as realistic and educational as possible, with a presidential election, cabinet appointments, Supreme Court deliberations, a vigilant Press Corps, unexpected crises, and speeches to the delegates by today's national and international leaders.

Our Philosophy

We seek to generate an intimate environment for high school students to engage one another in enthusiastic and intelligent debate over current events. Each year we recruit and train a staff of Princeton students that numbers in the triple digits. A large staff of capable and compassionate Princeton students provides the best possible delegate-to-staff ratio—in recent years it has been as low as 7:1—and ensures that each student receives personal attention. Also, our staff, many of whom are former conference participants, is instructed to encourage wide participation. This combination of attention and encouragement from our staff ensures that all Princeton Model Congress participants enjoy an enriching and intellectually stimulating experience. We also seek to foster a political dialogue that is well informed and well thought out. In order to generate such debate, our conference requires preparation from its participants. Each of our delegates must compose a piece of legislation prior to the conference, which entails research and creative thinking. And this preparation elevates the level of debate that takes place at Princeton Model Congress generating discussions that are well informed from debaters with positions that are well thought out.